You can take the fox out of Leicester…but you can’t take Leicester etc etc.

St Albans City Football Club 8 MK Dons XI 1 (13/07/13)

My first game at Clarence Park, but I’m not calling it my official debut. More a sort of pratice run. How do I justify this? (and thus ensure that I can make a big blog FUSS of my official debut)…well it was

a) a friendly

b) because there is no segregation to speak of (more on this another day) you don’t know who is supporting who…Or is it whom? Anyway the point is that the segregation on Saturday was on the lines of those who are going to be sensible and sit in the shade on day one of the “Killer Heatwave” (copyright Daily Express) and those who are going to join the mad dogs, englishmen and lost foxes and sit out in the noonday sun (kick off wasn’t actually noon but don’t ruin a good line with quibbling please people) and bake.

c) we were playing munchkins

When I say munchkins I do mean very skilful munchkins but they were the Academy team from MK Dons so between about 14 and 17. Some were big for their age and some looked like wee stick men that would have weighed about 6 stone wringing wet. This blog isn’t really about detailed match reports and I am thinking of a plan for how match reports will go in the future. But for now all you need to know is that on Saturday it was almost too hot to watch football nevermind play it and that the technically adept MK Dons youngsters were no match for Saint Albans’s physical strength, experience, older football brains and lower levels of teenage stroppiness. If you would like a more detailed match report then this is the place to go

Now before you doze off…and I know it is Monday and it is very hot, one last thing…otherwise today’s title doesn’t make sense. Part of the idea of this blog is to introduce the world to the people that make this club – the volunteers, the players and the supporters. So I made an effort to speak to the bloke standing next to me. Turned out he was the Director of Recruitment for the youth academy of a certain Championship club. Yep you guessed it…Leicester City. You couldn’t make it up………

My first programme!

My first programme!

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2 Responses to You can take the fox out of Leicester…but you can’t take Leicester etc etc.

  1. James Friel says:

    It doesn’t matter – An MKDons side got stuffed. When they look at the record books it will just say MKDons lost 8-0 to St Albans City FC. Sorry…rant over. I take it you took the opportunity to give him the wisdom of your years on the Filbert Street/Walker Stadium terraces to ensure that LCFC’s recruitment policy will see them in Europe by 2020! Or are you now saving your scouting skills for the boys and girls at Clarence Park?

  2. Steve Morgan says:

    With all that gas behind you I am backing St. Albans City FC to go all the way to the FA Cup Third Round and ‘Worth-Nothing Cup’ First Round, and to meet Leicester City in both.

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