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Let the train take the strain

The worst thing about going away (I mean away on holiday, not in the ‘opposite to a home fixture’ sense) is the coming back. Not only are you returning to reality, and the proposition that what you have eaten and … Continue reading

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Pre-match snack proves decisive

I’m not sure if any of you are superstitious? As anyone who knows me from my TATTPIB days can confirm I do have a tendency to clutch at any straw, no matter now flimsy. The lucky 7 steps along the … Continue reading

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Last minute revision

Ooh do you remember? That last minute panic – not really kept the best of notes from class, not done enough revision as you were too busy making your revision timetable look as pretty as possible and as a result … Continue reading

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Guilt Fest

One of the advantages of going to the same festival for the fifteenth time is certainty. Certainty that you will come across good music, good company, trench foot, sunburn, hypothermia, smelly socks, a bad back, an unfortunate new hat, some … Continue reading

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History is bunk

So said Henry Ford. And as many of you know I do have a bit of a blind spot when it comes to history. But football history is obviously different. I could get excited about all that reformation malarkey if … Continue reading

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