Last minute revision

Ooh do you remember? That last minute panic – not really kept the best of notes from class, not done enough revision as you were too busy making your revision timetable look as pretty as possible and as a result your O level geography exam is 24 hours away and you can’t tell an ox bow lake from a doughnut. What can you do? Except burst into tears on your mum’s shoulder, who provides you with hot beverages, a packet of chocolate hobnobs and the immortal line, “well what you don’t know now, you’ll never learn so you may as well stop.”

So with tonight’s home game and therefore my St Albans debut rapidly approaching I am getting that same exam vibe and I think for reassurance a few high quality FACTS for me and my readers would not go amiss (I’m the human equivalent of a revision guide).
The Ground
It’s called Clarence Park and has a capacity of 5007, with seats for 667. And praise be, only a 5 min walk from the station.
We will get to know these guys over the course of the season but for now just three. Paul Bastock, goalkeeper whose name by the looks of it could also be spelt ‘Club Stalwart’, first joined the club in 2004 and after 3 years had a short spell at Rushden and Diamonds before returning in 2008. Then the big summer signing – John Frendo. Last season he scored – whopping 44 goals in 48 games for league rivals Hitchin Town and he he has been hitting the back of the net in pre-season friendlies, which is my maths teacher used to say ‘augurs well for the future’. (Not about my goal scoring obviously about my natural curiosity…or the ability to say ‘Why?’ A lot). Finally club captain and central defender, Ben Martin. He joined the club in 2004-05 and has had some injury ravaged times but clearly back on form now.
The Gaffers
Joint managers James Gray and Graham Golds were appointed in December 2012, after a short spell as caretaker managers following the sacking of David Howell.
And most importantly…the Saints Bar which is open from 1pm on Saturday home games and 6pm on week night games.

So there we are – all prep’d stretched and in our best kit for Monday night. Kick off is 7.45 against Hungerford Town – fingers and toes crossed please for a rip-roaring result.

Oh. Saturday’s result? We lost. Phooey. Do I look bovvered? No, cos it is all going to go right tonight.


Can you spot a fox!?

Plan of Clarence Park, courtesy of the SACFC website

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