Pre-match snack proves decisive

I’m not sure if any of you are superstitious? As anyone who knows me from my TATTPIB days can confirm I do have a tendency to clutch at any straw, no matter now flimsy. The lucky 7 steps along the small wall past the hospital, the lucky bear, the lucky pants, don’t wash your lucky pants until you lose (NOT recommended), don’t text during a game etc etc. And as my pre-match snack of a packet of bacon fries and half a Stella obviously ensured our win against Hungerford Town I am now committed to a constant pre-match salty fried snack and a beer. What a shame. It’s a tough job being a supporter some times. Grateful I didn’t have an apple and a fizzy water.

And the match itself? Well this as you know is not a blog focussed totally on the match and so I will refer you to the match report here:

In terms of TLF match stats the important stuff: St Albans 2 Hungerford Town 0. Attendance 383. Raffle Tickets purchased 5 Prizes won 0.

Definitely worth the evening jaunt over to St Albans (house purchase still a work in progress) and I got to speak to John, the volunteer and all round provider of pithy one liners, who tells me that compared to most of the other grounds in our League, Clarence Park is “like Wemberlee” (although he probably doesn’t spell it like that). He also seemed amused that such was the urge to turn the TV on when TATTPIB’s game was on Sky the other Sunday that I had to go out for a walk.

Finally on this bonus blog a fanfare for our new feature. TLF’s Thing I Learnt Today. My TILT. Ok technically it won’t always be typed up ‘today’ but Thing I Learnt Two Days Ago Or Maybe Three so my TILTDAOMT sounds ridiculous.

So, here goes. At Clarence Park, those fans who like to stand behind the goal that the mighty Saints are attacking do something that I have only ever read about happening many moons ago in League football. At half time (or just before kick off if the coin toss is lost) they walk round to the other goal so they can be behind the goal we are attacking for the whole game. A minor thing I accept but I had never witnessed it before and it is the little things that make the difference.

Happy days. TLF

You don't get to see trees at Old Trafford!

You don’t get to see trees at Old Trafford!

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  1. Steve Morgan says:

    Never mind about naming the players, soon you will be able to name the whole crowd. Anyway, good to see ‘we’ are up and running. With the real van Persie up front it looks like it could be a good move you have made this year.

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