And they say romance is dead

Romantic gestures come in many forms; surprise flowers, a thoughtful note, whisked away to Paris for weekend, a simple cuddle and a kiss to name but a few. However I think I hit romance gold this weekend when I managed to NOT say to Mr TLF, “darling, now that you have moved in I thought that to celebrate our first weekend together in our new home, we could go to St Neots to watch St Albans City.” I did think about saying it. And then I thought about the reaction. And in a rare moment of self-preservation and insight thought…NOOOOOO.

Not that Mr TLF isn’t a fan of the beautiful game. It s just he isn’t quite as committed as yours truly. Some ruder people might replace committed with obsessed at this point….I am sure Mr TLF would not be one of those people……if he knows what is good for him. And so it was another football free weekend for yours truly.

While I was bereft of bacon fries and the usual high class cuisine that accompanies an away trip I can’t grumble too much as I did get treated to a late lunch at the very lovely Singhli on Holywell Street. They serve up Indian street food which is a bit different from your usual curry. Top food and lovely service for our first meal a deux in St Albans. In honour of this great event I even drank my Kingfisher lager out of a glass. After a scoot around town and a further beer stop it was home time and West Ham v Chelsea on SKY.

Sadly no one had briefed Chelsea on the importance of this being a perfect, “hearts & flowers, everything in the garden and on the pitch is rosy” kind of a weekend for the new St Albans couple and so inflicted a 3-0 defeat on the now very grumpy MR TLF’s team. Thanks Jose put the dampeners on romance why don’t you?

Back in the real world of non-league football it sounds like I missed a corker. A 3-2 win after being 2-1 down, some meaty tackles, a red card and a bit of melee on the pitch. Not to be outdone there was a small incident (handbags) chez TLFs as Mr TLF suggested that bacon fries might not be very good for you and might not have any lucky powers. And to think I skipped St Neots for him?! So it’s the away game at Tonbridge this Saturday that’s for sure and my tea better be on the table when I get back!

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