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3D Boxing Day

Waking up on Boxing Day morning there was a palpable air of tension Chez TLF. Nothing to do with the day before’s sprouts or indeed the three points at stake in the impending derby game. Rather it was the impending … Continue reading

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Festive message from a Fox

If it is a good enough for the Monarch, it is good enough for me. A brief picture message, which provides reassurances for the Bah Humbuggers amongst you and hopefully makes those of you who are embracing your inner elf, … Continue reading

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Festive Fox’s Top Ten

I will admit to being a bit of a sucker for the old Christmas traditions – advent calendars (NOT the chocolate ones, I’m a bit old skool, just a picture in a window is fine), proper christmas trees that start … Continue reading

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Bah Humbug

Being a bit of a Christmas curmudgeon, Mr TLF will often incur my wrath by using the line, “it’s a funny time of the year”, as an excuse for all manner of grumpiness, or general blokey-slackness. I usually give this … Continue reading

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Bin it!!!

Since I boxed up all my TATTPIB accoutrement I confess that I have come across the occasional stowaway item; a fridge magnet in a drawer, a scrunched up replica shirt at the bottom of the wardrobe (I know, no respect … Continue reading

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Tragedy. Of Sorts

I can only think that at Tonbridge on Saturday the fourth official came over all a bit Macbeth. Not in a ‘killing the king on the basis of advice from three witches and his wife’ kind of a way (women … Continue reading

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