A question of priorities

Yes I know.

I am not a lost fox but a late fox. Delivering my weekly blog in a slack-24-hours-late-kind-of-a-fashion. But in my defence there is some justification for this writing aberration. I do know what Mr Shankly said about life, death, football blahblahblah but I had a job interview. And the essential preparation (or more like panic) for said interview just shaded it in the ‘demands on my time’ stakes.

Of course there may be some who would observe that if I had invested the time available over the weekend then the blog might not have fallen victim to last minute.fox. But come on….There were mitigating factors to consider:

There were no trains to London on Friday so I could only work a half day and so had to take Mr TLF to a late lunch and had to share a bottle of wine.
Then had to come home and consume another two bottles.
And so had to oversleep on Satday.
And then hotfoot it to Clarence Park, where I had to consume 3.5 pints of Stella to make up for the hideous nightmare that was the J2O experiment.

And to be honest I think that probably listening to Ray’s erudite (and lengthy) rant about ‘pony actors’ and the relative merits of Danny Dyer v David Beckham probably inspired some of the more focused elements of the presentation that I had to do for the interview. It was an epic rant and as the lovely Steve said, if we had gone out to the game, left Ray in the bar and come back at half time, the rant would still be in progress. There was also the issue of David James and his flip flops, but that can wait for another day.

Part of my presentation did involve global markets and I felt better informed after meeting for the first time the Norwegian chapter of the mighty Saints fans. Top gents, who are nice about my blog and also seem to be world champion gatecrashers (weddings, birthdays and for all I know bar mitzvahs). More on those guys in future blogs.

The other key learning point (!) from the weekend came upon my return home, when I had tenderly regaled Mr TLF with an enthusiastic and slightly swaying, “We are the Yellow and Blue Army.” The lesson? If his reaction was anything to go by……DON’T SING in your interview.

So you see – a worthwhile investment of my time in preparation for the big interview.

Did I get the job? Waiting to hear.
Do I want the job? Yeah.
Do I want it more than a win at Clarence Park this weekend? Do you really have to ask?

Match stats
St Albans 1 St Neots Town 1
Attendance 812 (boosted by the club giving out tickets at local schools. They might be little but they can still belt out a slightly squeaky, “Oh when the Saints”. These are the Ultras of the future)
Losing golden goal tickets purchased 5 (I blame the Stella)
Bacon Fries 1 Packet
Additional snacks One cheese and onion cob from the bar and a double decker (I need to focus on the traditional pre match snacks as I worry this change in formation might have had a bearing on the result)
Lager consumed 3.5 pints Stella

If your other half insists on putting a newspaper down on the table and the floor before you unpack the takeaway curry, they think you are about to be drunk in charge of a fork.

Tardy Fox

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