Forget man flu

It’s all about timing isn’t it? Jokes, goals, gestures (nice, rude or otherwise), decisions…..And colds. Yep as my blogging cup runneth over with a veritable smorgasbord of subjects to ramble about, my snout runneth over with a virulent strain of AL1 4NF fox flu. These factors combined with a heady cocktail of over the counter cold cures have led to the fox brain imploding spectacularly, leaving me with cotton wool for brains, watery eyes and looking ‘awful’, according to a number of no doubt, well-meaning, well-wishers. So the best I can offer you this week is a snapshot of what might have been and what may be revisited in future weeks:

Successful home fixtures for my favourite boys on both days. Saturday the boys in question play in yellow and blue. Watching that is combined with much terrace humour (and a side order of swearing) as 4 pints of Stella combines successfully with a banter filled encounter with the Yorkshire branch, some very dodgy geography (I need to really work on how my fellow fans see the Midlands), sartorial elegance a la East 17 and a final proper chat with the very fantastic, soon-to-be-married, patient with slightly merry foxes, Helen, who until then I had mainly been just on tweeting terms with.

There is a brief interval for some cultural debate with Mr TLF (who has, thank you for asking, ladies behind the bar, survived his encounter with the 99p lasagne…and claims it was “delicious”) regarding the whole COB/ROLL/and now BAP debate.

And before you know it we are headlong into Sunday where there is a parental visit (always entertaining) as we all make our Alban Arena debut. Here we cheer on the mighty Fairport Convention. Who if they were a football team would by my reckoning be called FCFC. As a somewhat…ahem….more mature bunch they are more, shall we say ‘experienced’ than the mighty Saints and it does make a pleasant change to be watching a team of people that are not younger than you. They do suffer injuries just as any football team, their bass player facing a lengthy spell on the sidelines due to a dish-washer-unloading injury (tres rock n roll). Just like Saturday I witness a match-winning performance. Similar stuff from the support act too; the very talented, very nice, younger than me; but I will forgive her, definite northerner, Edwina Hayes.

All this plus the discovery that the Arena bar stocks the TLF’s alcoholic beverage and deep fried snack of choice, and Xmas present swapping with the Parentals. No wonder I’m ill – too much excitement for one TLF.

Match stats
St Albans 2 Redditch United 1
Attendance 515
Losing golden goal tickets 2
Losing raffle tickets 10 – but only five tickets off a winning number. Getting closer to winning ways
Bacon Fries consumed 1 Packet
Bread item with cheese and onion in it consumed 1
Lager consumed 4 pints Stella
Tissues purchased 100s
Flares let off by people who really should know better 1
Myths peddled about Redditch being in the West Midlands A few

Thing I Learned Today
Once an East 17 song is in your head, it stays for longer than is necessary or healthy.

Snotty Fox

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