The P word

And so it came to pass……

After 10 years of wallowing in the fallow ground of various divisions in the football league the men of TATTPIB did gather up, get their acts together and march triumphant into the holy lands of the Premier League.

And lo! TLF did miss the party, not only on the faithful day when it became a mathematical certainty (she was busy being a doting Godmother on godson’s sixth birthday) but throughout the triumphant season and the throwing of garlands and feting of the triumphant men of TATTPIB. For she had eschewed (BOOM!) the company of TATTPIB. And thus was TLF a bit grumpy.

And when her friend David, owner of a corporate box in the land of TATTPIB did invite TLF to take a seat in that box for the final game of the season and general outpouring of joy; TLF was sorely tempted. But then TLF remembered her vows of abstinence and also more importantly her commitment to the mighty Saints and the fact that the game in question might clash with the Saints in the play-offs. And thus she found herself saying ‘no thank you’….and TLF did feel weird but also true to her vows. And Mr TLF did shake his head in bewilderment.

Is this proving painful? I won’t lie. It is. Just a bit. And bearing in mind the track record of TATTPIB I know I am missing out on something as rare as rocking horse poo. As Laurence J Peter (Canadian educator and founder of the Peter principle since you ask), put it, “The problem with temptation is that you may not get another chance.”

Fortunately the rules don’t stop me from marking the achievement and so I did raise a glass (well several) to those men of TATTPIB and more importantly to Pete, whose absence from the terraces this season was, unlike mine not one he chose. To Pete; gone but never forgotten.


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  1. Steve Morgan says:

    A belated congratulations on the immense will-power and sacrifice displayed. Was this really all just a magnificent plan to ensure TATTPIB promotion to the promised land? As my team are doing their best to return from whence they came I might have to consider following your inspirational lead… perhaps I will scout the depths of Welsh league football for next season unless we miraculously avoid the trap door, and end up playing TATTPIB next season!

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