Let it go!

So the fallout from the promotion weekend continues…And as a result I do worry for the moral fibre of this nation (or maybe it is just the company that I keep) as friends and colleagues jump on the Mr TLF bandwagon in relation to my refusal to attend the last home game of TATTPIB’s season.

“No one needs to know.”
“They are your rules so you can break them.”

These statements are followed by a rolling of eyes and a shake of the head. I am frankly rather disappointed. Does the rule of law mean nothing to these people!?

My faith in human nature was restored at the next Mighty Saints home game. Hat Boy patiently listened to my decision and the reasons behind it. Unlike the previous heathens I had spoken to he could understand and even agreed with my stance, and that I am pretty sure was before I had bought him a pint.

Notwithstanding my refusal to beak the rules, my own ethical standing is taking a bit of a hit. Questions are being asked as to whether TLF’s head will be turned by the bright lights of the Premier League and the mighty Saints will shortly be abandoned. As with any transfer rumours all I can do at this stage is issue a brief and non-committal statement about, “wanting to make the best of the opportunities that come my way and how I have really enjoyed my time at St Albans. Now is not the time for this kind of speculation. I just want to get behind the lads and not distract myself from the push for the play-offs. Negotiations on this issue can take place at a later date.”

There was further trouble as I caused a small diplomatic incident by refusing to let Lee buy me a pint of Stella (I did have one already and thought taking 2 pints down to the terraces might look a bit greedy. Plus the stairs from the bar down to ground level are a bit tricky at the best of times).

Talking of diplomacy (ooh that’s my first segue in a very long time and I do feel better for it), it doesn’t sound like that was on display much during the Hemel away game. My favourite nugget was courtesy of Steve, who was taken to one side by Hemel security as they had been at Clarence Park the week before, ‘undercover’. What do they think this is Spooks!? They had heard him talking about taking flares to the game, but missed the jesty bit about flared trousers….So not even very good spooks. As it happened things did ‘flare up a bit’ (BOOMBOOM) at Hemel, with a bit of um ‘interaction’ between the respective fans. That must have made for interesting viewing for the wedding party who were having their reception at Hemel’s ground…on the same day as a home games against least favourite rivals. No I don’t get it either.

Sadly nothing could really get us going on Satday. While the company was excellent as ever, the football and the result were not, although play-offs still remain a possibility, although my track record with those is a bit ropey in recent years. Perhaps if I turn my back on the mighty Saints they’ll run away with the league next season…it seems to have worked for a certain team in blue.

Match stats:
St Albans 0 Poole Town 1
Attendance 581
Raffle tickets purchased 10 Prizes won 0. Just to point out I am not completely rubbish at this, last week I attended a kayleigh in aid of my godson’s primary school. 10 tickets…2 bottles of wine in a fancy hamper. BOSH!
Losing golden goal tickets purchased 2
Bacon fries consumed 1 packet
Item from Andy’s van 0
Cheese cob from the bar 0. Ooops Is this change of pre-match preparation to blame for the defeat to play-off rivals!?
Lager consumed 2.5 pints Stella (sorry Lee)

Thing I Learnt Today
My vote counts! Player of the season, Goal of the season and Best contribution to the club. I do love a chance to exercise my democratic right.

Ballot Box Fox

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