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I’ve always been a club over country kind of a fox. But oh, tournament football how I do love thee and especially a World Cup. Maybe it’s the fault of Mrs Stephens, the fearsome teacher of Class 4, making us do a project on Argentina 78. Maybe it’s the excuse to watch wall to wall football for four weeks, the potential upsets, the wall charts or the sticker albums (going badly this time round, seeing as you ask). Whatever it is, every time I think I have grown out of it I’m sucked in by the need to give my international football shirt collection a good airing, a naive belief that Ingurland might do ok and the knowledge that on and off pitch controversy and bizarre commentary moments are guaranteed.

And so TLF will be rambling on Rio, burbling from Brasilia (I wish!) and crooning about Copacabana but definitely NOT having a Brazilian.

For 24 days and 64 games I’ll be keeping a laconic and bleary eye on 32 teams, 736 countries, 12 stadiums…or is it stadia? I’m never sure. Anyway if you want stats, detailed analysis or hand wringing over the grim realities of what Brazil has spent on stadia/ums as opposed to basic domestic necessities (and it’s a point that needs to be made, just not here) then get ye to a broadsheet newspaper and an overly complicated wall chart. Here there will be nothing but 5 days per week (weekends are free for the sake of research and my relationship) of randomness, whimsy, and very likely the occasional rant.

As is traditional the opening game sees the hosts taking on Croatia. Will the Selecao crumble under the weight of a nation’s expectations? (Cliché alert) Or will Ney-mar it for the Croats? (BOOMBOOM) More importantly is a spray can of shaving foam really going to eliminate the inaccurate placing of the ball at a free kick? And who will provide general grumpiness and scowling in the ITV studio after Roy Keane’s late departure? And these my friends are the kind of vital questions I intend to answer in the weeks ahead.

The Copa do Mundo is almost upon us, your wall should be festooned with wall charts, expectations should be lowered and the fridge should be stocked. Do The Lost Fox proud; it’s time for Brasiiiiiiiiiiiiiil 2014.

TLF, or as the French would have it Le Renard Perdu


9pm Brazil v Croatia

Phrase of the day (Portugese)
Faz favour. Posso ter as direcoes para o estadio um pouco incompero?
Excuse me. May I have directions to the slightly incomplete stadium?

Website of the day – Not that arty but I quite like to see all the kits at a glance

Dish of the day – and it’s the perfect start for the vegetarians with a fine cottage cheese and squash combination up front. The vegans don’t even make it off the bench.

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