Brilliant Messi sees off the loosa Musa in the hoosa

So my lucky, “don’t mention the team you want to qualify is officially a pants idea. Sorry Iran. I know they hadn’t set the tournament alight but it was a gutsy performance against Argentina on Saturday. Plus I was keen to see more of Pooladi, who makes TLF tantrums look like a Morris dance. This is the bloke who threw a hissy after being substituted in a league match and smashed a glass door resulting in an operation to fix the subsequently damaged finger. Way to go, bear of little brain (BOOM!).

Further fallout from Nibblegate as the English press cop for most of the Uruguayan outrage that people are being outraged by Suarez’s outrageous act. I accept that English players have often been the cause of outrage and that some of the pontificating last night was outrageous, but Uruguay’s attempts to justify his actions are, in all honesty……

Fair play to Lord Gary of Lineker for his suggestion that Suarez’s protestations were him “making a meal of it”. I thought our pundits were nearly arranged by height last night on the Beeb. Waddle on the left sloping downwards via Shearer to the diminutive Juninho. Very tidy, if a little dull.

I was vaguely outraged last night to miss out on the 5pm Argentina game but it was time to knuckle down and admit that there is more to life than football, i.e. the job you do that funds your ability to watch football. The work ‘to do list’ was starting to resemble the likely length of the next Suarez ban and so it was nose to the grindstone and radio 5 Live for company. Sounded like a corker. I credit myself as a fast typist but the space between the first two goals was one moderately long, only slightly rambley (yep I do that at work too) sentence.

I appreciate I am falling into the predictability trap with my grumpiness towards co-commentators and so I will say no more about Jason Roberts and his ramble about Maradona during that game. Well actually, while I’ve got you…No ok, I’ll let it go.

What I can’t let go is ITV’s bloody theme tune..well theme word. As I trudged along the platform at St Albans City station today I found myself repeating in that elongated fashion, “Bras——–il.” Brainwashed I am. Brainwashed. Chiles’ work here is done.

I’m starting to sound grumpy again, which can only segue into that six pack of bonhomie that is Don Fabio, whose Russia team need a win tonight if they are to progress. Which to be honest I hope they don’t on the baiss that, “If there was one man you could guarantee would stand aloof from the general joie de vivre of this World Cup, it was Fabio Capello.” Cheers to the Grauniad’s Jonathan Wilson for that beauty.

I have higher hopes for jollity, excitement and wot not in Group G, with all teams technically still able to progress (yes I know Portugal would need a hatful of goals to sort the goal difference). That should probably ensure a very dull couple of 5pm games. SORRY.

As you know I have my football shirts but I also have my very fine, birthday, World Cup key ring.

Apparently I talk about this A LOT

Apparently I talk about this A LOT

Purchased from Brazil by my friend Nankunda, and the ball moves. More importantly for the month after it came into my possession, I am told (although I have no recollection and am sure it is all a plot by the English press/FIFA/MI5) by Mr TLF that he heard the story of its provenance and the phrase, “LOOK! The ball moves round,” in excess of five times on consecutive days after drink had been taken. Personally I think he was jostling with me verbally and came away with the photo-shopped impression that I am repetitive and forgetful when tired and emotional. I am just a scapegoat.

As ITV would say….
Lost Fo—–xxx….


Bosnia 3 Iran 1
Nigeria 2 Argentina3
Ecuador 0 France 0
Honduras 0 Switzerland 3

Portugal v Ghana, Grp G
USA v Germany, Grp G
Algeria v Russia, Grp H
South Korea v Belgium, Grp H

Phrase of the day – Portugese
Ele esbarrou em mim com o ombro
He bumped into me with his shoulder
Dish of the day – Some no nonsense PIE from Russia. Would Fabio approve?–429
Site of the day – It’s a film clip and you do have to watch some match analysis but finally Diego gives his view on being described as a bad luck charm by Argentina’s FA Head.

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