Reality bites

And so 32 are 16.

Some we are surprised about and some we are not, and that’s the best thing about the World Cup, it never quite goes according to plan. I bet some of them you didn’t predict, and nice to see that the pundits weren’t always bang on either. In terms of the Shirts of Shame, my England, Italy and Honduras (who’d have thought?!) shirts are shuffling onto the equivalent of the plane home for garments – the dirty washing bag. Holland, Greece and my tournament T-shirt march on to fight another day.

If things sound a bit flat today it is because my va-va-voom has upped and left. Yep Le grand cardigan, Terry Henry has left the BBC studio and returned to prepare for the new MLS season. I know we all have more of the tournament to go but this could be the rock bottom moment for me.

At least we do have more tournament to come unlike the charming Mr S…or maybe he will if he appeals. Not a very appealing thought really. You know what Luis, you were caught bang to rights. Suck it up and save us the embarrassment of an appeal.

Talking of appealing, is it just me or does Gordon Strachan have really bad posture? Slumped he was in his ITV chair last night. I appreciate that the game wasn’t great and that Adrian Chiles could have that effect, but surely his core stability can withstand that Black Country twang?

A quick update on my ITV brainwashing, I have realised that actually my singsong rendition of Bra—-siiill has a twist. I have subconsciously made it into a mash up with the BBC nonsense so actual I pootle along singing, “Bra—–siiill LaLaLaLaLa.” I sound like a slightly confused Spice Girl (Fox).

Algeria have made it to their first ever knockout stage and so grumpy Fabio is off. There was some laser pen shenanigans going on, but Russia’s keeper is a bit pants. We can also wave a weepy goodbye to Christiano and his hair products. Never thought I would be so glad to see the USA go through.

It all gets a bit nail-bitey now, and the knockout element may make teams a little more cautious, with a few less goals per game. Although with some of the world-class players on show (you know Fred and people like that) fingers crossed we won’t be disappointed.This weekend my heart says Holland, Chile, Colombia and Greece to go through. Please note I did say heart not head.

Survive tonight’s football void and come back stronger for the weekend games. I’m off to charter a plane load of cash.

Germany 1 USA 0
Portugal 2 Ghana 1
Algeria 1 Russia 1
Belgium 1 S Korea 0
None. Zero. Zip. Sweet FA. WTF!?
Saturday 5pm
Brazil v Chile
Colombia v Uruguay
Sunday 5pm
Holland v Mexico
9pm Costa Rica v Greece

Dish of the day
You know what. There’s no game. You’ve got time to consult a recipe book.
Phrase of the day French
Cherie vous avez raison. J’ai monopolise la telecommande pendant trop longtemps. Ce soir, nous allons regardez ce que vous voulez.
Darling you are right. I have monopolised the remote for too long. Tonight let’s watch what you want.

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One Response to Reality bites

  1. Rob says:

    Now the dust has settled, the Suarez ban looks simply excessive. Violent conduct usually gets a two game ban. He’s got a twenty-two game ban.
    Was this really 11 times worse than a bad tackle?
    The World Cup has seen far worse. It’s not as if Chiellini even needed treatment and was not even in the same league as Rijkaard’s gob at Voller, let alone Schumacher’s assault on Battiston in 1982. But what it hasn’t seen is such hysteria from the press social media.
    Given the choice between a bite from Suarez and an elbow from Chiellini to the throat, I’d choose the bite.
    Every time.
    Over the top. It has several meanings.

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