Domestic World Cup bliss

So that thing about I wrote yesterday, about what I’d do on a night when there was no football. All those domestic tasks….Yeah. Or a bottle of wine with a mate. Who wasn’t really drinking so I had to finish it for appearances sake. OOPS.

But it did give me a chance to review some more highlights from yesterday…NOBODY told me that Sir Gary of Lineker was moving his chair to the other side of the studio. Surely there are rules about a minimum consultation period before they do that kind of thing to us? More traumatic though was Shearer’s shirt. Yes I know I am biased but even if the grand cardigan had been wearing that (which he wouldn’t cos he is too French and too cool) I would have made a fuss. Too shiny, too blue and too ill-fitting.

Talking of ill-fitting (segue alert), is it just me or are those recorded congratulatory/commiserations-but-we-are-all-proud-of-you chats with heads of state ever so slightly toe-curling? I really didn’t need to listen to that incredibly spontaneous (ahem) chat that Barack had with Tim Howard and Clint Dempsey. Fair put me off my toast.

This slight footballing hiatus has given me a moment for reflection. For the first time ever I have been living in the same house as my other half during a World Cup. I can tell you it’s not easy (‘for either party,, says Mr TLF). On Satday he asked me to give him a preview of the Brazil game and he assumed that Fred Neymar was one bloke. This increased interests is to be welcomed though. Early on I could see him shaking his head at the whole shebang and I was preparing to plead the King Lear defence,”Reason not the need” when he was questioning the whole wallchart and sticker book routine. And then he asked if I had started buying a daily paper, as that’s something I normally eschew (BOOM! My first eschew of Brazil 2014). Well, yes. But obviously only for duration of the tournament.

To be fair he has been very tolerant, in a good-humoured, ‘my missus is a bit hatstand and it will all be over on 13 July’ kind of a way. He probably hasn’t worked out that the pre-season friendlies for the mighty Saints start a mere 48 hours after the World Cup finishes. Poor Mr TLF.

Diff to live with Fox (DLF)

Of course We have Dr Pam to rely on so it’s all fine on the relationship front. Today’s gem:
World Cup half-full
“Be a cup half full person and see your partner’s passion as something good they can enjoy. You can reel in their good moods when things go well and try to be sympathetic if things go badly.” Only ‘try’? Dear me Dr Pam.

Phrase of the day – German
Ok. Genug. Holen Sie sich die Fußball wieder ein.
OK. Enough. Get the football back on.

Site of the day – well a page.
A nice assessment of the state of the coloured boots
and for those of you who are wondering what all the fuss is about…

It weren't like this in my day, I can tell ee.

It weren’t like this in my day, I can tell ee.

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