Preparation, preparation, preparation

You can imagine the amount of preparation that teams undergo in advance of the World Cup; fitness work, research on other teams, hours on the best formations, the what colour the team bus should be (ok, skip that one), game plans and tactics. And them comes the game, it only takes
One bad refereeing decision
One mistimed tackle
One fluffed penalty
Your World Cup is over
Despair, misery and emptiness are your only friends.

A bit like when you spend an evening crafting the following day’s blog and the next day the document has corrupted and your fine words are lost.

….Well ok, a teensy bit.

For those who are shouting, “just re-write it!”, I am afraid you are not sufficiently au fait with the perversities of TLF’s little brain. I can try, but with every keyboard stroke my inner Robbie Savage is squawking, “well that sentence isn’t as good as the original.”

I hope Mr Scolari and Mr Low have better luck than yours truly. The fourth successive World Cup semi-finals for the Germans and apparently the fans still aren’t happy; but you have the best dressed manager in the tournament! If only England were that “ruthlessly efficient” (cliché copyright of most commentators). There is no time for moping by a Neymar-less Brazil, even though there was time for an always unlikely appeal against Thiago Silva’s second yellow card and his subsequent suspension. Smacking of desperation? We shall see.

The Lost Foxiniho

9pm, Belo Horizonte
Brazil V Germany

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