Good Lord

I’m not a big fan of the work drinks reception. The drinks bit is fine, it’s my pitiful attempts to network with people that depresses me. Once I’ve spoken to the people I know it’s a real battle to drag myself away from my colleagues and ‘work the room’ (bleaggh).

Salvation last night, when it came, was football shaped. I never imagined I would go up to a member of the House of Lords and say, “we are Premier League” but hey, sometimes you have got to live a little. Fortunately Lord Bach didn’t call security. Instead I got a huge smile, a great conversation about Lesta City’s chances (I think it is fair to say that our glasses are half-full on that subject) and a request for details of my blog. The universal language of football eh?

Anyway I digress, we need to wring the last drops out of the world cup before we return to matters domestic. It is the final weekend and before we get to the Final of the final weekend, there is the small matter of the 3rd/4th place play-off. I always think the teams involved would just want to hit the beach or the bar wouldn’t you? Not take part in some meaningless nonsense. Perhaps Brazil see this as their opportunity at redemption, but 3rd place for them is going to feel like being the host who threw the most expensive party in the world and then only got a go on the karaoke machine, a glass of flat fizz and the slightly soft nibbles when everyone else had gone home.

Will it bin ein Berliners on Sunday or Che(ers) all round? I know Germany just tonked the hosts 7-1 but cast your mind back to a few heart stopping moments against Ghana and Algeria and you can see some little gaps with, “Messi welcome here” written all over them. Too close to call for me and actually I don’t mind who wins. Mr TLF has had a small wager on Germany so I might bring a bit of balance to the living room and support Argentina. Don’t’ cry for me (sorry!)

Whatever happens let’s hope it’s a good ‘un as the next one is four years away. Have a happy finals weekend and I will see you for one last bumper global ramble on Monday.

The Lost Foxez

Saturday – 3rd/4th Place play off
9pm, Brasilia
Brazil v Holland

8pm, Rio de Janeiro
Germany v Argentina

WorldCup ball
“I really hope Spain don’t go out on a damp squid.”
Tony Pulis, Radio 5 Live

Phrase of the day – German
Es ist ein speil von zwei halften
It’s a game of two halves

Webness – Sorry it is the The Guardian again (liberal lefty Fox), but I can’t resist this. I got a pants score…..

And finally…a magazine cover that didn’t seem so silly a month ago….

Oh dear.....

Oh dear…..

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  1. Rob says:

    Nice. I got 8 out of 10 on the goal diagrams…

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