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It is amazing how short-lived it was; the relief of not having to write a daily blog. Obviously when I say ‘having to’ that’s a bit of an exaggeration, it’s a bit like I didn’t have to stick rigidly to last season’s experiment vis a vis Lesta City, but while this Lost Fox is not cunning she is STUBBORN.

The Tuesday after the World Cup final I walked along the train platform with the not inconsiderable weight of the need-for-a-headline-and-a-bad-pun lifted from my shoulders. And very welcome that feeling was too. But by Wednesday night I was a bit lost; aimlessly flicking the TV remote searching for that non-existent Honduras game, staring balefully (like Gareth: BOOM!) at my completed wallchart and feeling very disorientated on the train as I no longer had half a dozen newspaper sports sections to rifle through. And at one point I actually had a hankering to hear from Robbie Savage and Danny Mills…..That’s when I knew it was serious. All the symptoms added up and pointed towards a definite case of PWCS.

Yes Post World Cup Syndrome had struck chez TLF, although Mr TLF seemed strangely immune. Time to turn to a range of remedies and cure-alls:

Fastidious review of fixture lists & insertion of all fixtures into every calendar, diary and wall planner that I can lay my little paws on. Heck if Mr TLF stands still for long enough I’ll write them on his forehead.
Feverish searching and following of every transfer rumour (so that didn’t take long)
Foolishly (that’s enough Fs) getting caught up in the, “new kit release” hype, which inevitably ends with me looking at the adoring tweets from fellow supporters and thinking, “Really? Are you sure we are looking at the same club shirt that seems to resemble a blue polo shirt for people with odd shaped necks who think button down collars are cool?” And then not wanting to be a churl thinking, “oh well maybe it looks better in, or possibly on, the flesh”. It’s early days on the shirt front but I think this could be one that the Saints win over the Foxes (and I don’t even like yellow).

If this fails to mitigate the worst excesses of PWCS then I would prescribe pre-season worrying:
WORRY about how I will juggle two fixture lists and the need to occasionally be in the house during the hours of daylight at the same time as Mr TLF
WORRY about the inevitability of choosing the losing team to watch when the home fixtures clash
WORRY about how often humiliating and hefty home defeats will be shown on SKY sports
WORRY about whether a new club transfer record of a mighty £8 million is going to be enough to keep us up
(those last two clearly refer to the blue team that play in The Void)

You see…It’s like Brazil 2014 never happened.

On the road to recovery Fox

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