Minor crisis of confidence

One minute I am despairing that the new season will never arrive. The next I’m feeling a bit, well to be honest non-plussed (and not just because I like the word). I’ve got cold feet. I’m not sure where this is coming from to be honest. Worry that second season syndrome will mean I can’t think of anything to ramble about? That no one at Clarence Park will speak to me now that the TLF novelty has worn off? The hard cold reality of the military operation required to manage a diary once two fixture lists come out?

You know I never thought I would be grateful to SKY sports, but the change of several Lesta home fixtures (my spell checker just suggested ‘foxtures’ – nice) to a Sunday when the mighty Saints are at home on Satday is very welcome.

I’ve also got no rules. And I like a bit of order. Last year there were very clear rules in relation to having nothing, zip, nada to do with LCFC. And this year? Probably the only rule is don’t completely piss off Mr TLF by never being at home on a Satday again. Oh and of course the traditional rule which is that my attendance at the Cropredy folk festival will clash with an opening home game (step forward St Albans v Hayes & Yeading Utd).

If I was a footballer, experiencing this kind of pre-season angst I’d probably retire from the international game to prolong my club career. As it is I’m a slightly distracted and rambling TLF with two football teams who is in a grump for no particular reason. Tell you what, I’ll take myself off to a slightly rainy field in Oxfordshire for the next four days, drink my own body weight in Stella on a daily basis and follow the Hayes game on twitter. I’ll come back right as rain (BOOM!)

For those of you whose seasons start this weekend…May the footballing Gods smile on your teams, give the away team coach a flat tyre and cold water in their changing rooms. I’m there with you in spirit, and probably waterproofs.

Existential Angst Fox

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  1. Julie Scott says:

    Sophie! I love reading a fellow woman’s comments on the game I love! I have had a two-way following for many a year! I went to my first liverpool game in 1981 and having grown up/gone to school in st.Albans clarence park was visited when I could! The price of petrol/premiership admission and my son’s obsession with hemel (don’t even go there!) means non league has become a huge part of our lives! The play off final day was a marathon as I also had tickets to crystal palace v Liverpool! At the final whistle we had to hot tail it to the station, get the tube to London Bridge (ridiculous amount of stops! ) and then the short train journey to selhurst park! God what mixed emotions! On a high from the promotion win at chesham and then losing our grip on the title race with a 3-3 draw!
    This weekend will be a red one as we head north to watch the mighty reds so I too will be glued to twitter for the saints score! ! Hopefully bump into you soon with your stella and bacon fries! ! Julie x

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