I had a dream

And it wasn’t a good one.

Not sure if it was some sub-conscious Clarence Park withdrawal symptom but I do not see that I deserve a dream where I witness the mighty Saints lose 8 (eight)- 0. Opposition unknown (my dreams are quite selective in their detail). It really wasn’t pretty and even worse the post-mortem that took place in the bar was alcohol free. Spine-chilling it was and I am glad I woke up before things could get any worse (NOT sure how they could have got worse…apart from there being no snacks).

I’m not sure where this is all coming from. I know I have now missed two home games but this is ridiculous.

EITHER my body is reacting negatively to the excesses of the recent trip to the Edinburgh Festival with Mr TLF. It was a trial I can tell you:
• Free Stella on the train (only the 4% stuff!)? Oh if I must.
• Five star hotel with a free mini bar? Oh go on then.
• Several days of drinking, burgers and top notch comedy? Well someone’s got to
• One of the best meals ever, including gin and tonic granita on my pudding? (See. I can do posh) Just me taking one for the team

OR my vital signs are indicating worryingly low BF (bacon fry) levels thus proving the importance of the maize based snack in the average Fox diet.

In the interests of a better nights sleep and my own health I prescribe a home game on Satday where bacon fry and Stella (proper strength) levels can urgently be restored.

Nightmare Fox

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