Choices, choices

There are times, and I am almost ashamed to admit it when I do conduct a bit of an internal debate about whether to go to football or not. I’m not biased towards the mighty Saints or Lesta in this matter, it just sort of happens and there I was on Monday night having that “shall I or shan’t I?” debate. Slightly lazy “get me to the settee” Fox was distracted by thoughts of:
• It’s a skool night
• You’ve got a revue to rehearse, direct and perform tomorrow you fool (we don’t like to over-prepare our stage work)
• You’ve still not quite finished updating your CV
• You should spend more time with Mr TLF
• The England game is on telly

At which point EDPTS Fox (evil doubter & part time supporter) Fox made a beeline for Clarence Park. I suppose having missed the low ebb defeat by Ebbsfleet (BOOM!) I had little excuse to go AWOL.

I did miss kick off by a few minutes but was assured by Davy that I hadn’t missed much and it did initially look like the mighty Saints were starting as they had finished in the last game with things not looking too great. Ray was in residence behind the goal and I think speaking for all of us as he attempted to marshall the Saints defence and up the team’s workrate from the terraces. For a long while I didn’t think they were listening. And when the best terrace praise available was, “we’re not as bad as we were.” (copyright Davy) I did start a further debate; “shall I go and pay a visit to Andy the burger now? Or stick it out until half time and then have to queue?” At which point, right on cue (BOOM!) James Kaloczi rose like the proverbial salmon to plant a gracefully arcing header into the back of the net.

Cue a half time celebratory pork steak in a baguette (ooohh posh!) followed by a packet of bacon fries. That is excess pork in a 15 minute window BUT I didn’t want to shirk the responsibility of my lucky snacking to ensure the right result. Sure enough in the second half we weren’t the best, it wasn’t always pretty, but there was some welcome effort and we came away with a 2-2 draw and a TLF who had made all the right Monday evening choices.

Decisive Fox

Match stats:

St Albans 2 Bromley 2
Attendance 403
Raffle tickets purchased NONE…too late
Losing golden goal tickets purchased…see above
Bacon fries consumed 1 packet
Additional item from Andy’s van 1 (well actually the overspill Andy’s marquee by the park end). Pork steak in bauguette
Lager consumed 1 Amstel (while in London, contemplating whether to go to the game) 1 half-time Stella

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