Bottom of the whole world

It had to happen.
Just as I thought it couldn’t get any worse.
Yup, date weekend caught up with me.

I found myself with one team at home and one team away (but easily accessible in a playing in the Big Smoke kind of a fashion) ensconced in the rarely explored land of the FFZ (football free zone). In the interests of romance and ‘keeping it fresh’ (thanks for that Gaz) I was doing the decent thing, eschewing the beautiful game and focussing on the other half. And thus did peace and harmony descend upon Chez TLF. Only to be interrupted with a discordant note from Mr TLF as my integrity was bought into question, “Are you sure there really is football for you to miss?” As you can imagine I rose above this slight, not even gracing it with comment (ahem), instead concentrating on the subject of ‘spending some quality time together’.

That quality time included a really nice walk through the countryside on our doorstep (which we, as previous big smoke inhabitants, still find a bit of a novelty) and fortunately I think the novelty factor helped distract Mr TLF from my slightly indiscreet, “What a beautiful day for watching football.” OOOPS.

All was well with TLF in the FFZ. There was a a late lunch and a generous helping of the classic TLF cocktail…but I couldn’t help myself. The FFZ did not extend to The twitter and so I discovered the latest Foxes ignominy and slump to the bottom of the league. “Bottom of the league,” I wailed despairingly.

“It’s only a game mate.”

Oh yes, well done agony aunt Mr TLF, that is always guaranteed to get your average fox out of a football induced sulk.

Fortunately a bottle of white wine, two Stellas, an Indian takeaway and some original artwork restored peace and harmony to date weekend. If only fixing problems of a footballing nature were so easy.

Generally Disheartened Fox

Artists impression of a grumpy TLF

Artists impression of a grumpy TLF

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