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The love you gave me Nothing else can save me SOS Perhaps not ABBA’s finest hour and certainly not a TLF favourite but in times of distress the classic ‘Knowing me knowing you’ doesn’t quite cut it. I know that … Continue reading

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A fine romance

I thought I had got this Valentines Day gig sorted. “Darling how would like to take a stroll with me in Clarence Park? Taking in some of the fine sights of this fair City and perhaps enjoying a beverage or … Continue reading

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Theatre of the Absurd

In my shock and disappointment at achieving a hat trick of football free zone (FFZs) weekends, I was reminded of the great Oscar Wilde line, “To miss one football match may be regarded as a misfortune; to miss three looks … Continue reading

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Government Health Warning

Accordingly to Mr ‘David TLF Attenborough’ the weekly existence of yours truly consists of the following: GYM. RUN. SLEEP. And he adds, “now and again I see you and I wave.” While there might be a smidgen more to it … Continue reading

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