Theatre of the Absurd

In my shock and disappointment at achieving a hat trick of football free zone (FFZs) weekends, I was reminded of the great Oscar Wilde line,

“To miss one football match may be regarded as a misfortune; to miss three looks like carelessness.”

Ok that’s not quite how Oscar wrote it but I am sure if Lady Bracknell had been interrogating TLF about diary management rather than Mr Worthing about his parentage that’s how it would have come out. This time it was another jaunt to Stratford for kulture with a not very taxing comedy called The Shoemaker’s Holiday. Mr TLF was not overly impressed and did a bit of a Sol Campbell by leaving the ground at half time. I however persevered being a sucker for a fart joke and a bit of slapstick.

The slapstick theme continued through to Sunday night as Lesta City descended, not for the first time, into farce.

I cannot quite decide if Nigel Pearson is a tragic flawed Shakespearean football manager or the lead in an Alan Ayckbourn farce? I look forward to seeing him as a vicar in a dress, in the wrong hotel room, muttering double entendres while setting about critical fans/opposition players with a luffa brush.

Or perhaps in panto?

“I am manager of Leicester City.”
“Oh no you’re not!”
“Oh yes after-a-couple-of-hours-and-intervention-by-the Chairman’s-Dad you are.”

Earnest Fox

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