It’s all gone quiet over there….

As we moved into the domestic footballing desert that is June there was just time for one final, football-shaped Satday shenanigan in the form of the Stand by your Saints family day. As it involved family I managed to drag Mr TLF along, proving that contrary to popular Clarence Park myth he is not my imaginary boyfriend. An imaginary boyfriend wouldn’t spot a goody bag at 40 paces. Our esteemed and face painted programme editor, who may have a future in peace keeping duly handed one over to the remarkably animated Mr TLF. Although would have thought a SAFC ruler could cause such envy…oh and the key ring…and the pen…and the pencil. He can keep the coaster though. GOT ONE. HA!

And after that I was left having to adjust to the fact that the TLF 2014/15 Express had reached journey’s end. The fat lady had sung for the final time this season. She had drunk her fill of Stella at the last night party, taken off her blue and yellow glad rags and packed up her sheet music. The curtain had come down. The last bacon fry in the metaphorical fixture packet had been eaten. The lucky polo shirt had been hung up for an airing and the smorgasbord plate that was Lesta and Saints season had been mopped clean. And TLF’s metaphor cupboard was thankfully empty.

My first season of supporting two teams, something I confess I once thought of as a bit of a crime, is all done. From manic Xmas trees to cultural discussions to abused apostrophes to lost foxes in soxes and tear-inducing relegation avoidance, it has been:

Did I mention booze-fuelled?
Time consuming
Relationship threatening and….
Bloody brilliant.

I am now an official TST TLF – two season ticket TLF. I’m also knackered and with no disrespect to the Women’s World Cup I’m awarding myself (no FIFA sponsored bribes necessary) a few weeks off the rambling blog train. Back at the start of July.

People ask me how many readers my blog attracts. No idea. Love the football, love the people and most of the time I love writing this.

Summer Break Fox

Footballing essentials by TLF

Footballing essentials by TLF

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