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When I awarded the blogging paws a short but well earned rest I was fairly confident that this voluntary blogging holiday would, women’s World Cup aside, coincide with a suitably quiet period on the footballing front.They don’t call me mystic fox for nothing…….I mean look, barely a brouhaha or shenanigan in sight:

Week beginning 1 June
TLF signs off the season with a flourish, studiously ignoring reports of racist sex tapes, Lesta City and goodwill tours to Thailand.
Transfer rumours and signings for both Saints and Lesta begin on a weekly basis.

8 June
TLF applies for Euro 2016 tickets in ballot.
TLF calculates if 100% successful in ballot, there may follow a period of austerity.

15 June
Tom Hopper, Adam Smith and James Pearson (son of manager Nigel Pearson) are sacked from LCFC following aforementioned sex tape.
Premier League Fixtures published. People in paroxysms of delight that Lesta away at Bournemouth for August Bank Holiday. TLF shakes head, any fule kno that Bank Hol = traffic jams and the evil that is the rail replacement bus service.
TLF meets Super Stevie Claridge where they discuss his Wemberlee winner and “happy days” during the Martin O’Neill era. TLF beyond excited.

Lesta legend....and Steve Calridge

Lesta legend….and Steve Claridge

22 June
TLF agrees to be secretary of Save Your Saints.
Mr TLF greets this news warmly, noting that I’m not very busy so an extra commitment is just what I need.

29 June
Nigel Pearson sacked. Properly this time.
TLF has massive, proper mardy.
TLF sees the very fantastic Henry Goodman in the very fantastic Voplone at the RSC.Takes seeing a play called the Fox as a sign it’s time to get blogging again
England’s women beat Germany for the first time to finish third at the World Cup.
Sam Allardyce installed as favourite to be next Lesta manager.
Neil Lennon installed as favourite to be NLM.
Guus Hiddink installed as favourite to be NLM.
Local paper polls fans who want Jurgen Klopp to be NLM. It becomes reported that this is now ordained truth.

6 July
The mighty Saints begin their pre-season friendlies.
TLF misses the pre-season friendlies cos working late.
TLF discusses current Lesta crisis with favourite Peer of the Realm. We share despair.
Claudio Raneri installed as favourite to be NLM.
Bob Bradley blahblah.
Preki Somebody who used to play for Everton etc etc.
Martin O’Neil installed as F2BNLM as local paper goes into news vacuum meltdown.
TLF considers throwing hat into ring 2BNLM.
TLF turns to drink.

Very quiet indeed.

Summer TLF

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