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Compare and contrast

In the immortal (!) words of singer song writer and one time Boyzone heart throb Ronan Keating, “Life is a roller coaster, just gotta ride it.” It has certainly been a week of swings and roundabouts at TLF Towers. I … Continue reading

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The reunion

Once upon a time in a Void far far away a young TLF (who back then probably didn’t even know where St Albans was, nevermind that one day she’d live there) shared a house with her old University friend Wilko. … Continue reading

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Our friends in the North

“We’re all going on a summer holiday No more worries for a week or two We’re going where the sun shines brightly..” Except we’re weren’t. It was not the summer. It was day trip. There was no converted London double … Continue reading

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Speaking my language

Well. That’s it. We’ve talked about it, me and Mr TLF. We’ve acknowledged the cold harsh reality of what is going on under our roof. We’re making a decision from which there may be no coming back. It’s a big … Continue reading

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