Ingratitude! Thou marble hearted fiend.

The bard and other have some great one liners about ingratitude. Some of them have some quite long-liners too but there’s only so much room for the title. Clearly the fickleness of the football crowd has been around since the dawn of time…..’ooh look our centre-half just pulled out of a fifty fifty tackle with a hairy mammoth; lazy git,’ as it is a source of constant inspiration on this subject.

Plenty of marble hearts were on display during and after Lesta’s first 90 minutes of 2016 ended in a 0-0 draw with Bournemouth……10-men Bournemouth…..Penalty-saving Bournemouth….. Out-Leicestering Leicester in the first half Bournemouth.
(NB the phrase to Out-Leicester in this context doesn’t mean they found a dead monarch in a car park, rather they harried, pressed and were speedy on the break a la Lesta City).

The accompanying symptom to a serious bout of ingratitude seemed to be short-term memory loss. There was grumbling, there was huffing and there was even the odd bit of low level booing at some of the Lesta players. Yeah those Lesta players who this time last year were bottom of the league and now are only second. Honestly; it’s like they are not trying.

TLF was though quite happy with a point. Yes we had clearly left our shooting boots at home and a missed penalty is always frustrating but:

For one (here we go again), TLF had her paws firmly clutching the half-empty glass and had spent her pre-match build up muttering about ‘banana skins’, ‘this being precisely the kind of game we eff-up’ to anyone who would listen, and plenty who would not.

For two, this was the first Filbert Way game in over a month that was scheduled for the proper time, i.e, on a SATURDAY at 3 O’CLOCK. So it meant easy TLF access.

For three, this proved I wasn’t a jinx – imagine if my first game in over six weeks and we’d lost….

For four, we had reached the magical 40 point that spell safety. Yes alright Captain Picky.Technically you can’t spell anything with numbers but you know what I mean.

While I accept that the first three of the above can be reasonably expected to pass my fellow supporters by; not the last one. We had 14 points this time last year FFS! A bit more gratitude and a little less la-di-da sense of entitlement would not go a miss. Sense of entitlement isn’t very attractive in any football club but it really don’t sit right in the weird and wonderful world of Lesta City. Strive yes; but don’t be tossers about it.

We are staying up and I am over the moon, or maybe even in it.

Lunar (steady with your ticks….) Fox

There won't be another full moon on Xmas Eve until 2034. FACT!

There won’t be another full moon on Xmas Eve until 2034. FACT!

With thanks to MJM of Miller Fine Arta for capturing my visit to the moon…who needs NASA!?

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  1. Colin Brookes says:

    All points conceded. In this case baying at the moon is not a ‘futile gesture’. Anyway, this is a fox, so howling is what foxes do and furthermore this fox is on the moon.

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