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A mathematical certainty…..maybe

As has already been acknowledged, TLFs don’t do mafffs, numbers and wotnot. We do words. But following a further defeat for the mighty Saints and the news that the new gaffer thinks we need to win 7 or 8 games … Continue reading

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It was Valentines weekend and sadly Cupid (who I assume must be gainfully employed during the whole Valentines Day gig) proved to be a somewhat capricious, contrary and cruel chum. Much like the cunreferees charged with officiating at my beloved … Continue reading

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And so to Dartford

It is, as they say, “a funny old game.” A grey, rainy, cold and windy day meant Dartford away for the mighty Saints. Nothing funny about the weather accompanying the game and nothing funny about the actual 90 minutes bit … Continue reading

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My kingdom for a horse…..

They’re under starters orders….. Sixty people packed into a shiny and spangly mighty Saints clubhouse (show me some blue & yellow table paper and instructions from Lisa Wood & I’ll show you an attractive table) for race night. Fear not; … Continue reading

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