The joy of six

It’s not often you get to enjoy six on a Satday afternoon. Especially outdoors and at our age.

And with so many friends to share the ecstasy.

You’d almost call it group six

OK. I will try and remain an innuendo free TLF for the rest of this ramble. But it is hard to guarantee anything with the giddiness that is induced by spanking (sorry) fellow relegation nominees 6-0.

Admittedly TLF did only get to enjoy five of the goals. I was a tardy TLF by a mere four minutes but by then we had taken the lead. The second was a corker and went in while I was purchasing my bacon cob and trying to manage Andy the Burger’s expectations for my other City (and the less said about that the better). Still, as any fule kno TLF is not an optimist and was not yet ready to properly celebrate. A minimum four goal cushion is TLF’s kind of bolster. Clearly the players are aware of the pessimistic bin dipper in their midst with a third goal duly arrived as TLF was taking her place on the terraces. Time and Michael Thalassitis wait for no TLF.

Within 40 minutes we were 4-0 up after one of those perfect moments when you watch the cross into the box and know that the mighty Charlie MacDonald will be on the end of it to knock it goal bound. Cue pandemonium and a sense of disbelief. Adding to the group bonhomie was the fact that all the teams around the Mighty Saints were losing, propelling us up and out of the relegation zone.

Changing positions, particularly after such a powerful start can sometimes lead to disappointment. But the players rose to the occasion putting another two past the beleaguered opposition keeper. Being relaxed without a care in the world AND watching my football team at the same time is a rarity, probably only achieved through strong medication or a six goal lead.

Inevitably in the afterglow of such a performance the euphoria of sharing six with so many carries on into the bar. Existing relationships are refreshed and renewed, new friends are made and caution may well be thrown to the wind. At the recently christened Table of ill repute (thank you Lord Lee of Wood for that bon mot), TLF committed to next Satday’s away game and another road trip with Julie, without prior domestic consultation. And Julie agreed to offer a lift back to new Irish acquaintance Andrew (I know. You kinda feel sorry for him already).

The celebratory mood in the bar continued as the players and management joined us in the bar. While I have 46 years of history with my beloved Lesta, I don’t think that any time soon the assistant manager will be offering me spare pizza or I’ll be able to tap our star striker on the shoulder and ask him to ‘pop over’ because someone has got a question they want to ask him. And even if I could I am not sure the reaction would have been so patient and good humoured.

Happy days.
You might even say the earth moved.

Alex Comfort Fox

Match Stats
St Albans City 6 Havant and Waterlooville 0
Attendance: 702
Goalden goal tickets (bought by Julie dos TLF was late) One loser
Raffle tickets (see above re purchase) 5 losers
Calorific intake: 1 well done bacon cob and 1 packet bacon fries
Liquid refreshment: 1 pint Stella, 2 bottles German stuff and a cheeky half

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