The ‘I’s have it

And that is why nous aimons beaucoup le tournament football.

For the crazed Iceland commentator who may never be able to speak again (and if you haven’t heard it then a) you didn’t have the radio on this morning and b) here’s a link

Who knows what he will do if Iceland beat England?

For the tearful Irish goalscorer finding his brother in the crowd. And for the slightly unnerving slight of Roy Keane and Martin O’Neil having a man hug. Only to be interrupted by Italian goalkeeping legend Gianluigi Buffon for a 3 way man hug.

And for the Radio 5 Live commentator saying, “We’ve lost Kevin Kilbane.” I think he meant metaphorically.


Bought a tear to les yeux de TLF I can tell you. And just proves to all those doubters what a good idea it was to have an expanded tournamenet with some 3rd placed teams qualifying for the knockout stages (ahem).

We now know who is Euroxiting, waving au revoir to 8 teams, after 36 votes cast (well matches played but don’t quibble with my theme). Just one minor fixture today; the build up to which has certainly go on for longer than the expanded tournament. The stakes are high, the result is likely to be tight, the pitches are waterlogged (eh?) and the highlight programme will be very dull. Rio Ferdinand has written in the Evening Standard explaining why he thinks we should remain and if that hasn’t swung it I don’t know what will.

As a famous party leader never said, “Go back to your constituencies and prepare for the last 16. Via the polling booth.”

Gaugin Fox
Feeling a bit avant-garde

Fixtures Aujourd’hui

RIEN. Je connais! Pas de football.
Monsieur TLF looks like the chat qui avez le crème……


Islande 2 Autriche 1
Hungrie 3 Portugal 3
Italie 0 Eire 1
Suede 0 Belgique 1

Manger ou Boire?

A sulky unimaginative slice of toast probably in light of the lack of sporting activity.

Phrase of the day: French

There is no football. I am bored stiff
Il n’y a pas de football. Je faire chier comme un rat mort.

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