If you leave me now…..

As you deal with politically seismic developments, the outrage of having to be a 24 hour FFZ (football free zone for the newcomers) and the only welcome bit of current affairs that Jamie Vardy has signed a new contract with Lesta City, there is one thing that will bring you back down to earth. And focus l’espirit.

That’s the fact that you are wearing the same clothes that you have been wearing for the last 24 hours. Quickly backed up by the even more depressing fact that it’s not because you are some bright young thing and were at a Barry Whiter (as les Anglais like to call la fete toute la nuit). But pas que les trains etaient effed. Et le TLF ne pas allez chez TLF?

Emergency accommodation was of course found. And in an attempt to look on le bright side let’s remember that TLF did not miss any football.

Et maintenant the big question of the day is not whether Gareth Bale (or Bale of Glamorgan as one Welsh county has rechristened itself) can stop winding up the English for 90 minutes and concentrate on shoring up his position as tournament top scorer. Nor is it how much money the combined wallets of the TLFs will donate to Jennings the bookmakers this weekend. Or whether France might possibly find the pressure of expectation means they fail against Ireland (I doubt it but it would be amazing if that were to happen – would make defeating Italy look like a training match result).

Non. La grande question is does TLF buy a clean shirt, and then go to work and get a shower? Or get a shower first and then buy la nouveau chemise, as TLF not exactly looking parfait ce matin. Either way there needs to be some thought given to the challenges that lie ahead. For now the focus has to be to get to the end of today unscathed, expending as little energy as possible because there are SIX knockout games to enjoy this weekend. That is six, beer-swigging, take away ordering, gambling opportunities. Ce qui est de ne pas aimer?

Mais Monsieur TLF est pas si sur. As this weekend he won’t just have to put up with TLF football foolery but Iain from Brum arrive a St Albans for plus banter, puns et les entrendres doubles.

Quelle domage pour M. TLF

Fixtures Aujourd’hui
Encore une fois….Zip. Zilch. Nichts

Mais le weekend arrive avec le round de seize…….

Switzerland v Poland 2pm
Wales v N Ireland 5pm
Croatia v Portugal8pm

France v Republic of Ireland 2pm
Germany v Slovakia 5pm
Hungary v Belgium 8pm

Manger ou Boire?
Le takeaway, a emporter, wegbringen, porta via beaucoup.

Phrase of the day: French

Mr TLF is going to blow a fuse when he realises that the weekend will be about nothing but football and pizza.
M. TLF va pique rune crise quand il se rend compte qu’il n’y aura rien d’autre que le football et la pizza ce week-end

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