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Lear of the Rovers

The second weekend of being a FFZ (football free zone) arrives. A double tragedy as it coincides with King Lear (BOOM!) This lack of football is starting to addle the TLF little grey cells or else it was a very … Continue reading

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Remember when Sir Gary of Lineker tweeted about presenting MOTD in his pants if Lesta won the League? Well actually there was a bit of a cover up (BOOM!) and the full tweet said: “I’ll present MOTD in my pants … Continue reading

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In the best possible taste

This is the slightly delayed blog that you should have been able to read by Friday at the latest. We apologise for any inconvenience caused – words come easily in a field at a music festival, sufficient signal to access … Continue reading

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Hard Times or Great Expectations?

TLF is in a TIZZ TLF is not MARDY TLF has not GOT A COB ON (and if that doesn’t prove it’s the right word I don’t know what does as ‘having a roll on’ would sound like an expression … Continue reading

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