Remember when Sir Gary of Lineker tweeted about presenting MOTD in his pants if Lesta won the League?

Well actually there was a bit of a cover up (BOOM!) and the full tweet said:

“I’ll present MOTD in my pants if Lesta win the League….and then they lose on the opening day of the season to newly promoted and rather bereft Hull and then just as TLF thinks things can’t get any worse the Mighty Saints lose 3-0 away at Bath.” I will admit that is a few more than the acceptable 140 characters but either way that is what he meant.

TLF was of course, not exactly delighted by this news….but it was sketchy news as TLF was in the signal free zone that is Cropredy and Mr TLF’s updates were a little light on specifics par example, “Your team on telly. Oh dear. Things not good.” Clearly having a vivid imagination and having imbibed then TLF’s thoughts are not of conceding a goal but more like the team coach has been abducted by aliens or it’s just been announced that the entire population was on a massive acid trip last season and Lesta didn’t win the Prem at all – Tipsy TL’s need specifics

Bad news, even when its not quite clear how bad is always that bit more palatable when you’re in the sun with a beer, sitting watching a weekend of cracking music (Madness!, Ralph McTell!, Hayseed Dixie! Fairport! Other bands dear reader that you may not have heard of but take it from TLF most of them were great!), another beer, a cheese cob made by your mum (the best cheese cob in the whole world obvs), another beer and even a packet of bacon fries. As Ralph McTell didn’t say in the follow up to his massive (and only hit) The Streets of London,

“Have you seen the TLF,
In a field near Banbury,
Desperate for news on Twitter,
About her football team.
She’s no time for talking,
About Lesta humiliation,
Things gettin worse,
As St Albans concede.

But how can TLF tell you she is grummmmpppppy
And say for her that the sun don’t shine?
Let me take you by the paw and lead you through the fields of Cropredy,
I’ll show you something to make you change your mind.

Have you seen the TLF,
Sitting in a field in Cropredy,
Sun shining, and with good company.
She’s lots of time for talking,
Might be what she’s drinking.
Hope she’s wearing factor 50,
Or she’ll have a red nose.”

And as it turned out he didn’t mean pants. He meant a rather lame pair of white shorts. The nation deserved better….Or maybe that was better?

McTell Fox

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