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Technically life in the FFZ (you should know what that is by now) is no laughing matter. But when the latest glitch in the sporting diary is down to being in Edinburgh for the Fringe…well that’s pretty funny.

We weren’t completely football free. As any fule kno, the reason you get your credit card to bleed as it pays for a hotel on the Royal Mile is not so you can luxuriate in top class surroundings while being at the very heart of this iconic City. Noooo, it’s to ensure high quality wifi as you follow the Champions League draw on your iPad. I know. We should have been out seeing the next big thing (actually while I’m about it, can I recommend Matt Winning? Maybe not the biggest next best thing on the comedy circuit but close). TLF should not have been indoors rocking backwards and forwards saying, “Please let us get FC Brugge…Pleeeeease” and getting excited about foreign destinations. But this is new territory for a TLF. The lesser spotted Lesta fan is not used to international travel.

Neither here nor there was exactly how we felt on our way home (I think that might be my first lame segue of the season. Marvellous.), as unlike the speedy Corbyn Special on the way up to Scotland the journey back on the 13:00 from Edinburgh Waverley was coming in at just under 5 hours. Both the Mighty Saints and Lesta were of course playing at home (as seems to be traditional when TLF is north of the border) and having experienced sticky internet connections before TLF sought refuge in the relative safety of ‘no news is good news’ and opted for the lucky media blackout.

Which worked.

BOOM! Lesta get their first win of the season.

BOOM! The Mighty Saints continue their excellent start to the season.

As far as Virgin East Coast are concerned our itinerary looked like this:

14:26 Newcastle  – Howay Pet. TLF should just be getting in her first Stella.

14.39 Durham – Just like St Albans – they’ve got a cathedral. The theoretical Stella would be half consumed.

14.57 Darlington – Just like son of Darlo’s Vic Reeeves, the teams are having a big day out (I know; that one’s a stretch).

15.09 Northallerton – No me neither, but a TLF wouldn’t need to be a genius to spot no one has scored.

15.31 York – YES Min(i)ster!! Theo’s on fire! 1-0 to the Mighty Saints

15.55 Doncaster – Nearish to Sheffield where Jamie Vardy was born. And yes it is 1-0 to Lesta now as well.

16.09 Retford – Where!? But who cares Theo is still on fire! 2-0 Saints.

16.51 Peterborough – It’s the train track where it all happens. Saints have scored and conceded. Lesta have scored, conceded and missed a penalty.

17.44 London King’s Cross – Well TLF isn’t. She’s happy; wins for both her Cities.

If only the journey took as long as it did to type…..

Being a Champions League virgin the last 6 days have made TLF realise that it doesn’t matter how close you follow the group stage draw – chances of getting away match tickets are pretty slim…the joke’s on TLF.

Not-as-International-as-she’d-like-to-be Fox

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