And finally.
Good things come to the TLF that waits.
Escape from the FFZ. Not that it was all bad you understand; certainly Sunday’s hangover was testament to the very good wedding that kept me away from non-league football day at Clarence Park (great crowd, rubbish result).
Tuesday 6 September had arrived, the Mighty Saints were playing at home and TLF had a skool nite pass. It needed something special for this momentous breaking of the football duck.

And there he was. In the club shop. Moodily silent. Stood slightly aloof from everyone; not joining in with the badinage (and there is a LOT of badinage available in the shop area). Alluring, sturdy and very, very cool. It was love at first sight.

Oh yes. The lager fridge had arrived.

Je t'aime

Je t’aime

Now that might not seem very momentous but when Thameslink ‘Technical Faults R UsTrains’ had conspired to prevent TLF from witnessing the opening goal (scored just as I came through the turnstiles) then an ice cold beer within paws reach is a welcome slight. Especially when accompanied by a sausage roll the two retailed at a bargain five of your earth pounds.

Suitably refreshed, things were looking up. The next goal was witnessed by yours truly and then it was back to hang out with Mr Fridge at half time. It was then I came across his quieter but no less attractive mate, Mr Tracksuit Top. What happened after we were introduced has to stay between me, him and our resident shop keeper but, “NO Mr TLF I assure you there is nothing new in the wardrobe.” (I’ve hidden it in my study).

In the second half it became clear that it isn’t just goals that are missing from the FFZ, it is the quality terrace chat. The reassuring shouts to a player who has just missed a sitter, “Good try son. Come on head up. Go again!” are quickly followed, sotto voce by, “How the eff did he miss that!?” And who knew that an innocent TLF cycle helmet resting on the terrace could be a source of such entertainment. But I don’t want to spoil you. Just think reference to a grazed helmet in a medical context and let your imagination do the rest.

Some slick forward passing and a ridiculous amount of added on time later (well it was ridiculous until we scored in it) and the Mighty Saints were 4-0 winners and third in the League. It’s good to be back.

Strangely enough the Thameslink late train compensation claim form I have doesn’t make any reference to compensation for missing home goals OR missing Julie’s debut as a turnstile operator. I can only assume that is a misprint and I shall be putting in for suitable recompense.

Where there’s blame there’s a claim Fox

Match stats
St Albans City 4 Poole Town 0
Attendance: 485
Nutritional refuelling: 2 bottles Carslberg, 1 sausage roll (maybe it will be lucky to NOT eat bacon fries this season)
Raffle tickets: 10 losers.
Golden goal: NONE because I was late
Time sat staring at broken down train at City Thameslink Station and get a bit angry: 40 minutes

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