Tempestuous Times

Last weekend was all about kulture. Probably for the best seeing as the Mighty Saints were defeated by the wintery conditions and had an unexpected weekend off while Lesta were yet again doing their best to be the more recognisable Lesta City (the rubbish one; rather than the premier league winning one). Fortunately TLF was Stratford bound for another look at the Tempest. It was a restricted view look (last three tickets available) but still worth it, as this production has finally sold to TLF a play that has never previously blown me away (BOOMBOOM!).

I do get a bit worried at the end though… Is Prospero being a bit too naive that it is all going to end happily ever after? If you were his best mate, you might want to ask him a few questions:
“Are you sure you want to forgive your usurping brother?
And go back to the country still ruled over by the King who helped your brother do his usurping?
And the whole breaking your magic staff thing? Dramatic yes but perhaps unwise in what are likely to be uncertain times?
Er…and maybe not the book!”

There is a big risk it won’t end well and some evidence from the word of football potentially gives you an insight into how things might go awry for Propspero in ‘The Tempest Part II, Caliban’s Revenge’. Think about it:

Last season, the magician Claudio, successfully plots revenge against those who have previously usurped or dismissed him. A man cast adrift and written off is assisted by a whole team of Ariels to turn the world order on its head and create a little bit of football magic and warm fuzzy feelings; everybody loves him and he is in receipt of honorary degrees and acknowledgement from his peers.

A season later and Claudio’s confidence is mis-placed. His bestest Ariel has been sold to the Duke of Chelsea, and those that remain are all turning a bit Caliban. The magic staff while not broken only seems to work in foreign climes and the current inhospitable climate surrounding the island that is Filbert Way is no longer within the magician’s control.
And before you think TLF has really lost the plot (well technically I have invented a new one), just remember; the name of Propspero’s usurping brother?
The name of the manager whose team currently sit top of the Premier League?

TLF rests her case.
Weathering the storm Fox

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep"

“We are such stuff as dreams are made on, and our little life is rounded with a sleep”

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