A grand day in

There was a time when TLF didn’t worry about being resident in a FFZ on a weekend during the football season.

There was a time when TLF would be happily ensconced in a domestic setting; warm and toasty in front of Grandstand.

And that’s probably the giveaway really. That was a time when TLF was about 8 years old and could be kept entertained by Frank Bough, Des Lynham, old school rugby union and the vidi-printer, while domestic activities went on in the background. Fast forward 40 years and Grandstand is long gone and worse still TLF can’t sit in ignorant bliss with regard to the domestic malarkey. And last weekend was all about domesticity.

Fortunately the backdrop was none too bad there was only one City to worry about; Lesta having delayed the inevitable humiliating FA Cup defeat by scraping a draw with loathed East Midlands rivals the night before. The Mighty Saints were away at Concord and TLF has never really seen the attraction of Canvey Island if I’m honest and so it was me, the hoover and the FA Cup on FiveLive. Oh and Mr TLF of course.

First up the bedroom – hoovering and dusting doesn’t get much tougher than this. And I’m not talking about one of those wimpy flick a duster in the general direction of a shelf and run the Dyson round a bit of carpets. Noooo, this was like an epic cup battle – a replay settled by penalties, with all items moved and hoovered under, skirting boards dusted and cobwebs eliminated. Fortunately that all goes a lot quicker when accompanied by an early morning shock Cup exit. The mundane is much easier when listening to the unexpected. Sorry Jurgen but in the event that you take on the hoovering Chez Klopp I think you might just agree with me.

The kitchen is the setting for the 3pm kick offs and TLF’s Tupperware draw audit (TRUST ME, it needed doing) is rewarded with some early potential giant killing goals by Lincoln and Wycombe Wanderers. After that it’s all about the lasagne. And the football. And the Cup drama and over-excited commentators. And the wine – essential that a chef has a small accompaniment to keep them going. It might be the wine that inspires me to keep yelling football updates up the stairs to Mr TLF – well important to keep him involved.

The lasagne is a triumph. Lincoln cause a Cup upset, Wycombe have their hearts broken but for those of us employed in domestic drudgery it’s a fine distraction.

See – TLFs can do domestic Saturdays.

But they probably need to be the exception not the rule.

Homemaker and a bit late with this Fox

Bon apetit!

Bon apetit!

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