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The 06.24 to Brighton (fast via London) is probably not the place to ‘treat’ my fellow commuters to a TLF solo rendition of “We are the yellow and blue army”, but the urge was strong. Resplendent in a Mighty Saints zippy up top (says what it does on the tin), TLF was a bit giddy. It could have been the eye wateringly early hour but more likely was the thought of 3 days impending annual leave, which would be kick started by attendance at the first home game of the season.

“First home game of the season and no pre-season preview!” I hear you cry (well it’s more a faint whimper as I know not many people read this). Correct; for TLF has eschewed (Boom!) the PSP this yet. It’s simple:
Stuff will happen
There will be disputed decisions
There will be tears
There will be laughter
There will be misery
There will be glee
And drinks will be taken
….and that’s just chez TLF

Where was I?
Oh yes, the giddiness (see above). The cherry on the giddy cake that fine August day was that El Presidente, the wonderful Malcolm, had sponsored the game and invited TLF to partake of some pre-match hospitality.

Actually the cherry on the cherry of the giddiness cake was the fact that before accessing the pre-match hospitality, TLF was able to acquire the new and very fine PURPLE away shirt. A new and very satisfactory chat with both our legendary shopkeeper and Julie (operator of turnstiles and star of BT adverts) had to be cut short – one likes to exchange pleasantries with the hoi polloi but TLF had an important VIP engagement in the Boardroom. Not only an opportunity to spend an hour in great company, but also the chance to admire the close-season painting handiwork that TLF had contributed to.

Vincent van Fox's own work

Vincent van Fox’s own work

I can only think that admiring paintwork is thirsty work; that’s the only possible explanation TLF can offer for the epic failure of the ‘school night so two pints only plan’.

The game, TLF confesses, is a bit of a blur – too many people to say new season hellos to and possibly one too many pre-match beers.
And half time beers.
And riojas.
Fuzzy or not, TLF can confirm there was an unjustifiable sending off, a missed penalty (by them) and a cracking winning goal for the Mighty Saints.

Clarence Park, on a Tuesday night, with a first home win. Fuzzy or otherwise is there a better place to be?

Rioja Fox

Match stats
St Albans City 2 Wealdstone 1
Attendance 654
Raffle tickets: 10 losers
Golden goal: a losing one. And the first one not bought from Clive. RIP.
Re-fuelling: canapés (various), lasagne (fair portion), garlic bread (2 slices), glasses red wine (several), bottles lager (2) or maybe (3)…or possibly (4)

...a lasagne and half a pint of Rioja please

…a lasagne and half a pint of Rioja please

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