Missing the points

As any fule kno there is an August weekend that if it was a stick of rock would have RESERVED AND NOT FOR FOOTBALL written through it. Probably very small letters or a very big stick of rock.

And so it came to pass that TLF was down the front, bouncing in a slightly alcohol infused way, to the fantastic Pierce Brothers, while the Premier League was getting off to an entertaining if defensively embarrassing start wwith Lesta losing 4-3. If your team is going to throw away the chance of a first away win against Arsenal since the 70s you may as well be in a field In Oxfordshire, at your 19th Cropredy festival, slightly giddy and most definitely oblivious.

The Mighty Saints third (!) consecutive win and rise to the top of the league comes a day later and sees TLF yet again SG&MDO as she drinks deep to get through the ‘not TLF’s cup of tea’ that is Cats in Space. Cats in Space do not of course detract from a 19th great weekend, crowned by TLF meeting her guitar hero Richard Thompson OBE and telling him that once upon a time she thought he was sh1t but now she thinks he is brilliant. Oops.

The result of three nights hard drinking and dancing, is that a weary TLF misses the Monday night game that sees first placed Mighty Saints beat the second place team and cement their position at the TOP OF THE LEAGUE!

Fine music – making missing fine football ok for almost two decades

Cropredy Fox

Focus on the music young TLF, not the football....

Focus on the music young TLF, not the football….

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