A Christmas miracle (minor)

The Christmas journey to Dorset was remarkably smooth and fast. Mr TLF likes to monitor all predictions of ‘getaway traffic’ and to his credit had chosen the day and time slot wisely. He had another thought (clearly he was on a roll);

“Perhaps we’ll come back on Boxing Day. Chances are the traffic will be much worse on the 27th.”

Now TLF who had as usual been paying 50% attention to this latest ramble re traffic, was suddenly all ears.

“OhOkayWellYouKnowBestAndI’mSureYouAreRight. ProbablyGoodToGetAwayEarlyThough.

[Sotto voce] Maybe back for one o’clock even.”

There is a pause. I really think I might have got away with no requirement to explain my TLF logic. Mr TLF has of course known me for a long time.

“Why?” (I think he knew really).

“Well it’s just that the Mighty Saints are playing Hemel that day and kick off is 1pm and I was going to go and watch Bridport to watch my football fix but if we are going home…….”

“If that’s what you want to do then that’s what we will do.”

It’s like Mr TLF Fairy God Mother. Admittedly without the wings, the glitter, a wand and TLF sporting a pair of glass slippers but nonetheless it seemed that TLF would go to the (foot)ball!

That did of course rely on our fellow road users. And they did mess with our heads. A couple of minor accidents as the M-something met the M-something else and it was all looking a bit hairy. TLF distracted herself with regular updates to the Saintettes.

But some how he did it. TLF was dropped off four minutes before kick off. There was a big queue at the turnstiles but TLF hasn’t travelled hundreds of miles to miss kick off and everyone was ignoring the second queue so technically it wasn’t pushing in……..

Segregated games are rare and so a bit strange. Usually we stand behind the goal we are attacking but that option is taken away on these occasions; we are allocated the York Road end. And if like TLF you are surprised to be there and slightly discombobulated after the drive there might be a brief moment when you think that the Mighty Saints had signed a new keeper and changed their kit. If your luck is holding out then your tinsel-addled brain will have caught up before you embarrass yourself (phew).

There is of course only so much Xmas spirit any TLF is entitled to and finally seeing Saints beat THS (the Hemel Scum) remains a Christmas present too far. Still, a 2-2 draw, with us coming from behind twice is always pretty satisfying and when you didn’t expect to be there in the first place grumbling is not an option. Cheers Mr TLF!

Match stats
St Albans City 2 THS 2
Attendance: 1510
Number of nervous checks of google maps journey time: countless
Festive snack age: 2 mini sausage rolls and 2 pints
Grateful grovelling to Mr TLF: unlimited

..I think we might just make it!

..I think we might just make it!

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