A plague on both your houses

Just TLF Towers to be precise.
And then only TLF’s part. Mr TLF appears immune.

Some hideous snot-ridden lurgy strikes TLF on 28 December and at the time of rambling continues to linger. Like a bad smell. If TLF had any sense of smell currently.

Plans for carefree days of country walks, pub lunches and quality Mr TLF time (supplemented with a soupçon of football watching) were abandoned in favour of box set bingeing, sleep, sulking and a lot of sneezing. On the plus side TLF lost weight over the festive period as the taste of alcohol went all funny and an attempt at New Year bonhomie involved drinking champagne that to TLF at any rate thought was strangely reminiscent of dandelion and burdock. Bed by 9.30pm and a mug of herbal tea are my last rock n roll acts of 2017.

Ah 2017. Not a vintage by any means. We could turn this into a massive TLF whinge-fest. Cathartic but not very positive. So six reasons why 2017 wasn’t all bad…

My running was rubbish but my mate Julie became a runner. Not just from couch to 5k but to half marathon. You are a brilliant friend and an utter star.

A proper holiday
My new boss convinced me to take a fortnight off for the first time in two decades. Best advice from a gaffer EVER.

We saw some duffers but we also saw some crackers, especially The Tempest with Simon Russell Beale. So good we saw it twice.
And Fairport Convention might not be everyone’s idea of kulture but they were 50 and we went to their party. Fabulous.

He never puts anything away in the right place in the fridge and he bets on my football team when expressly ordered not to, but he puts up with a lot and is kind of lovely (brownie points for 2018 SECURED)

Friends and family
To me it’s impossible to separate as they both do the same and are equally important. They make me think, they make me laugh and they pick me up when all seems bleak.

The usual roller-coaster. And in the case of Lesta three different managers (the C word is clearly in – Claudio, Craig and Claude!) So many good times, but it says much about the brilliant people of St Albans City FC that our opening home game of the 17/18 season was just as memorable as Lesta’s very boozy (us not the players) Champions League trip to Madrid. Although no pengunios at Clarence Park.

Onwards and upwards

Plague Fox

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