Call of duty

The first Lesta weekend of 2018 is a solid football day – Chelsea v Brighton on Radio 5 to accompany the outward journey and Man City v Newcastle on the return leg. In between there is the live ‘action’.

TLF was once again teetotal; leaving the pub and casting envious glances at pints of lager, to get a cup of tea in the ground. Yes TLF was thirsty but the priority was seeing if a hot beverage might defrost some of the bits that had frozen over during the walk to the ground. Turned out that it was the only thing that might as the play wasn’t warming any cockles. In fact the play reminded TLF of something.
Oh yes; the weather.

Lesta were occasionally bright, Watford spluttered into life once in a blue moon and the ref had a shocker. Still Lesta’s first goal knocked my Fitbit into action as it recorded 35 minutes of cycling. WTF?!

The second half we were entertained by a discussion of alternatives to the VAR system. The vote went to Simon’s suggestion of issuing the crowd with red and green pepper cards a la Ready Steady Cook. Well if Trump can get then a bad idea like that has potential.

A little bit of Mahrez magic to make it 2-0 still left TLF unable to feel her fingers but she was smiling. Even more so once aboard the quite warm 17.32 out of Lesta, accompanied by a can of celebratory Stella (don’t want to take the teetotal thing too far) and some very gloomy Watford fans displaying quality gallows humour.

On her return, TLF does of course recount in spectacular detail her footballing day, and Mr TLF confirms that it is good that TLF had an enjoyable day festooned as it was with football via the wireless and live.

“I don’t do this for the enjoyment you know. It’s duty!”

No, he didn’t believe me either.

Frosty the Fox

Stella's unexpected rival for TLF's affections

Stella’s unexpected rival for TLF’s affections

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