A football free hat trick

Part 1. Snow joke
TLF was torn. On the one hand, TLF is a big fan of snow. On the other, rather like King Lear, TLF was ready to rage at the weather Gods. Mr TLF all signed up for a stint on the beer stall (with or without his knowledge I don’t think is particularly relevant to my line of defence m’lud) and then the game is called off. A real ale retail opportunity denied and brownie points earned by default. He expressed his significant disappointment, but methinks Mr TLF protesteth too much.
An unplanned spare Satday? How do we cope? TLF seeks respite in baking while Mr TLF goes a bit weird in M&S and is suckered into a very odd beverage purchase. A G&T tea, with ‘edible gold leaf. Tasted as bad as it sounds.

Never leave a man unattended in M&S. He will purchase nonsense

Never leave a man unattended in M&S. He will purchase nonsense

Part 2. The joy of text?
At least this Satday was planned. Lesta’s home game moved for the footballing TV Gods and a previously agreed eschewing (BOOM!) of an away game. Lunch, further progress through the Sopranos box set (YES, alright…but when we come late to ‘a thing’ we like to come really late) and regular text updates from designated text monitors at both games were the agenda of the day.

You’d think it would be the latter that was to be the cause of most angst. But the DVD player did its best to get in on the act; having a minor breakdown in the middle of an attempted hit on our eponymous hero (Tony Soprano, not Mr TLF). TLF was of course tempted to ‘hit’ the DVD player but went for the more usual repair technique Chez TLF – swearing at the inanimate object. More swearing at inanimate objects was to follow as my phone informed me that the Mighty Saints had conceded FIVE and Lesta THREE. The DVD player did at least start working again, I wasn’t so reassured about my football teams.

Part 3. Up for the Cup
In a spectacularly barren footballing spell, TLF finds herself going for a hat-trick of football free Satdays, eschewing (BOOM!) an away trip to Wealdstone in the interests of accumulating brownie points that can be converted into a long distance awayday (well at least further than Ruislip). There was not even a Lesta game to consider, Lesta having absented themselves from the FA Cup, following defeat by the mighty (ahem) Newport. Not that I have anything against Newport, who did the decent thing on this particularly Satday by scoring in the 88th minute against Manchester City to secure the TLF’s joint bet of a City win with both teams to score. “Diolch,” as they say in Wales.

If there is no football, there has to be a boozy lunch, which was preceded by a trip to the St Albans Museum to see their Board Games exhibition. Turns out there is a way Lesta might one day win the FA Cup after all…

The magic of the Cup

The magic of the Cup

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