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In the summer of 2013 out of nowhere came the perverse idea that I would try, after 44 years of supporting Leicester City all my life and owning a season ticket for just over a third of that life to go without for a season. Complete famine; no live games, no games on TV, no website checking. NO CONTACT. To keep me occupied I turned to St Albans City FC and the joys of the non-league. Leicester City’s response to this rather impolite slight was, typically, to win promotion to the Prem in some style. I kept my vows though – to the incredulity of Mr TLF and friends alike and stayed away, even for the party that was the last game of the season. It wasn’t quite as bad as I thought. Not because I can just rip up forty odd years of heritage and history without a care but because I got the bestest of welcomes at St Albans and a promotion via a play off win, on my birthday, with the mighty Saints making it to the Conference South.

That of course left me with a new dilemma – which promoted team did I abandon for the following season (and as it turned out all the seasons after that..)The answer of course was neither cos by then I loved em both. Time to break a lifetime rule and support two teams. Against the laws of nature? Yep. Against the laws of physics? Aye captain. Difficult to balance my time and loyalties? Er might be.

Worth it?

2 Responses to About the Fox

  1. Colin Brookes says:

    I think that the lost fox/vixen(?) is an existentialist. Epistemologically and ontologically, s/he, in her writing, bears an uncanny resemblance to the philosophy of Albert Camus, delightfully , if worryingly evoked by Humphrey Bogart, playing Rick, in ‘Casablanca’. It’s all there – absurdity, bad faith, anxiety and the meaning of life…and he was a FOOTBALLER!

    More, please more…

  2. Mick says:

    Lol! Sophie. St Albans is full of West Ham. There’s even a West Ham pub. Half of West Ham’s ICF prosecuted last season for fighting with Sunderland came from here. Good news though. As St Albans is mainly an Arsenal enclave, Tottenham are not well loved in the area, and we all know Leicester’s history with that lot

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