Now look what you’ve done…

So what do you do once you have made a monumental, brilliant life changing decision (don’t accuse me of being over-dramatic, this is football for Gods sake)? You go home and work up all the reasons why it’s a really BAD idea. Here’s just 50:

1 season ticket
1 fanzine subscription
1 pair LC slippers
2 LC pillow cases
1 LC bin (how apt some may say)
2 LC scarves
1 bath towel
(Could I stop saying the Leicester bit now? it hurts)
1 pair team shorts
1 pair jog pants
1 training top
1 retro track suit top
1 hoodie
1 mug
1 apron
2 place mats
5 replica shirts
1 t shirt
1 long sleeve top
2 retro shirts
1 training top
2 badges
2 whiskey tumblers
9 books
1 video (i know, I had a cull last time I moved)
2 Filbert Foxes
2 bears
1 pen holder
1 pair cuff links
1 pencil case

Oh and let’s not forget the small matter of my email address.

How will my mates react, how will the good folk of St Albans react? A woman abandons her football team and just thinks she can turn up and be embraced by yours….

In the name of all that is holy and our Lord Gary Lineker. What have I done!?

Trouble is I’ve said it now. Gone public so to speak and made commitment. There can be no loitering at the back of the changing rooms and hoping I can hide on the subs bench.

Someone find me the St Albans City ticket office number. I’ve got a season ticket to buy.

The Lost Fox

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8 Responses to Now look what you’ve done…

  1. Steve Morgan says:

    Congratulations on getting that first post out into the world. As you say, no turning back now. While I contemplate the arrival of my renewed Cardiff City season ticket, can I suggest that if you put that list of items you made into a car boot sale you might get enough money for a few St Albans City match day programmes! Steve

  2. James Friel says:

    Didn’t see that coming. While we loved your Olympics blog, and asked for more, we don’t expect you to give up your reason for breathing just to satisfy our needs! Good read though!

  3. Mrs Despard says:

    OMG can this really be true? This agony I have got to follow…. sign me up Scotty!

  4. Maria Hughes says:

    Well, no-one can accuse you of being a glory hunter, anyway! 😉

  5. Zorba the Greek says:

    Wow, brave move :-(
    About time you saw the sport for what it is….
    Put me down for the pencil case. I’ll depose of it for you in an appropriate manner :-)

  6. Anna Carroll says:

    What about the 3 month old nephew who is just about big enough to fit into his LC baby grows!

  7. Are you going to get a refund on your LCFC season ticket or are you hanging onto it just in case you crack?

  8. Peter Galvin says:

    Well you’re looking good, blogs coming fast and thick in a nice way! keep it going.

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