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A sense of perspective

On Friday, giddy with excitement at the announcement that work is now going to provide us with free tea and coffee (PG Tips and instant before anyone makes any accusations about extravagance), I said to a colleague, “It’s all going … Continue reading

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Knock Knock

Who’s there? Knocky. Knocky who? Peter Knock. Programme seller of this parish. Knocky, as he seems to be known to everyone, sells programmes at the Clarence Road entrance to the ground. A one time season ticket holder at Chelsea (he … Continue reading

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Blogging doesn’t get much tougher than this

Football and gambling have been in a very long term, but not always happy relationship. Once upon a time, way back when dandelion and burdock was still delivered by the pop man and wagon wheels were MASSIVE, this relationship was … Continue reading

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Forgive me father for I have sinned. It is 44 years and 4 months since my last confession. Actually not being Catholic it is technically my first confession and you lot need to be at your mostly priestly as you … Continue reading

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