They say that moving house is one of the most traumatic things that you’ll do in your lifetime.

‘They’ have clearly never seen their football team miss a potentially match-winning penalty in the last minute of a play-off semi final (I am over that really. Honest. I mention it merely as an illustration). Going back to the domesticity theme for a moment, I am not sure whether this trauma claim covers all stages of the process. So does it include the looking-for-a-house-you-both-like-stage, which is in itself quite grim? Or the spectacularly challenging and source of much grumpiness and sulking (never on my part of course) which is agreeing a geographic location? With this particularly toe-curling stage, the potential for disagreement factor is also multiplied when one party has only ever lived in one city and that is a city where your agreed key house requirements are completely out of the reach of your budget.

What this does mean is that the selection of new location needs careful research and then you need killer arguments to support your preferred option. Things like affordability, character, decent places to eat and drink, a reasonable commute to London and the argument most over-used by yours truly, a location that would still give me an easy journey to Leicester so that I could still make it to all the home games of the team we now refer to as TATTPIB, without having to get across South/West/East London first……..oops.

You can spot the slight eff up can’t you? Unfortunately so has Mr TLF, who currently uses this as his main rejoinder when I suggest that I do not consider he is showing sufficient interest in my blogging ramblings. Quick as a flash (and perhaps with some undeniable logic) he says, “your main argument for moving to St Albans was so you could still get to Leicester for football and now you are not going.” There is also a slight raise of the eyebrow, implying a certain bonkers-ness on my part. Well obviously my inner Mystic Meg didn’t realise the way my footballing head was going to go, but that doesn’t seem to be an acceptable explanation. I have wondered about arguing that I was future-proofing our Location, Location in case I occasionally grace TATTPIB with my presence in future seasons. However I think that is likely to merit a withering glance at best.

Ah well, can’t win em all…..and it is a nice house. Although choosing a fridge freezer was never how I imagined spending my time online.

I am about to depart for American shores and it is nice to be flying off after following, via twitter, our latest away league game where the mighty Saints put 7 (Or SVERNNNNNN for any SCD fans) past Truro. Timing being everything this fox shall be back for more Clarence Park FA Cup magic where I can only hope the goal fest continues. Oh hang on. Sorry. I meant timing being everything I shall be back in time to move house. That’s right. PRIORITIES….


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