Saints in heaven are equal to the angels (Luke 20:36)

Well I am sorry to have to contradict you Luke my old son but I think you will find that the Saints were not equal but superior to the (Tonbridge) Angels on Saturday and the home fans were most definitely in heaven (BOOMBOOM). Yep my first Saints cup upset as the alleged underdogs saw off the Skrill Conference South outfit, reaching the fourth qualifying round of the FA Cup, one game away from the first round PROPER, for the first time in 4 years (lucky fox?)

For me there is something about a cup match that makes a win that little bit more satisfying than a league victory. I am not being churlish, much as I like the word, I have no wish to be a churl. You see a ten-nil league win can do masses for your goal difference and your confidence, but if everyone around you in the league does the business, it can mean your league position doesn’t change. With a win in the FA Cup you’ve made it to another round, another sneaky step towards a Wemberlee final, a mere 8 rounds away by my reckoning. There is also a chance to play some glamour team from higher leagues and make them look a bit daft (or get a compete tonking I accept).

I have missed a couple of the team’s best outings this season so am not the most informed correspondent (you probably spotted that already) but for me it was the best game I have been to so far. Not like watching Brazil perhaps, but gutsy, with two well taken goals, a bit of niggle to spice things up, some shocking refereeing (the two may be related), final minutes that dragged and an exuberant home crowd, already plotting the route to the 3rd round proper. The best one I heard went Luton, Portsmouth, Wolves and I hope mentioning that doesn’t infringe its creator’s copyright.

There was of course no need to worry during those final minutes. All pre-match rituals had been observed so the there was no doubt about the final result. Mind you with a somewhat mischievous glint when serving me the hallowed bacon fries, John had said with a slow and sad shake of the head, “What would happen if we ran out of these hey?” Mind games in the bar – brutal. Anyway just to be on the safe side I have been using the interweb again and am relieved to see that eBay is awash with my lucky snack and I will be stockpiling them shortly.

I was not the only ex-wearer of the shirt of TATTPIB in attendance this weekend, Alan Smith was a VIP guest. Nice of the Herts Advertiser in their match report to highlight his mildly successful 8 years at some North London outfit, as they do need the profile. I do feel though it was a startling omission to not mention at all what must be the true highlight of his career, his glorious time at Filbert Street (217 appearances, 84 goals and one second Division championship). NO I can’t believe I typed that either.

After the magic of the cup my attention has turned domestic and currently my life is in boxes. I have foolishly not marked the box that contains my City shirt or scarf so there may be reports of a small unpacking meltdown in St Albans later this week. As long as they are discovered for my first away game of the season on Saturday then no rattles will be thrown out of prams….not that I would be able to locate my rattle either.

Match Stats:
St Albans 2 Tonbridge Angels 1.
Attendance 605 (the magic of the Cup).
Raffle Tickets purchased 10 Prizes won 0.
Losing Golden Goal ticket purchased 1.
Bacon Fries consumed 1 packet.
Additional bacon item from Andy’s van 1.
Lager consumed 1 pint Stella (queue too big at half time for more)

Refs are just as pants at this level as every other level of football. And yes I do know that without them be willing to officiate there would be no game blahblahblah.

The Boxed Fox

All boxed up and nowhere to go

All boxed up and nowhere to go

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