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As Russell (intrepid Brentford and Dulwich fan who made epic journey to our epic play off final) said,

“Wot no blog?”

And it’s true, this has not been delivered within the bounds of my usual SLA. Not to do with a monumental hangover, although I would be lying if I said drink was not taken. More a question of excess work commitments and completely losing track of time (birthdays celebrated over a number of days can do this to someone of my advancing years). Plus to be honest I feel a bit weird:

St Albans City promoted TICK
Play off final success coinciding with birthday for first time ever TICK
Brilliant day out at Chesham and fantastic post match celebrations TICK
Successful experiment with a whole season of cold turkey from TATTPIB TICK
Two top notch City promotions to celebrate TICK

In fact you could say its all ticketyboo (BOOMBOOM!)

But I’m not sure that my footballing cup has ever runneth over like this before. It’s left me discombobulated as I am not used to this much success and therefore a little worried that my rambles cannot do justice to the adventures of Play off Monday and the celebrations. Christ, imagine if England win the World Cup I might develop permanent writer’s block….No ok, fair play I couldn’t quite imagine that either (the victory or the block).
….and don’t get me started on the Dyke plan. I confess when I saw the first tweet slagging it off I did think it was some unpleasant homophobic trolling, until the penny dropped. See. Two promotions and the Fox brain turns to mush.

Anyway proper, do-it-justice matchday blog and end of season review coming your way shortly. I promise.

Dazed and Confused Fox

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