What happened next?

Oh you are bright people.

You can guess.

TLF is now officially in love with two football teams. Like some feeble addict, even a year of self-imposed exile from Lesta City has not broken her dependency. Physically separated I may have been, but the historical and heart-felt bond remains intact. No point in fighting it, as those wanting Richard III’s bones laid elsewhere have recently discovered (don’t worry I won’t do history very often).

And you know after last week’s missive how my head has been turned by the mighty Saints. So TLF will be wasting money/making a sound financial investment, depending on your point of view, by purchasing two season tickets for 2014/15. Giving her double the arguments with Mr TLF about domestic absence and double the football songs to annoy him with. And potentially of course double the joy. Or indeed misery.

So that’s all sorted. Fine and dandy.

But what is a Lost Fox meant to do during the football free zone that is the summer? Studying transfer speculation and playing with the NEW table football that has moved in Chez TLF can only distract me for so long.


Yep I'm 7 years old again....

Yep I’m 7 years old again….

I’ll see you in 16 days for a little bit of unofficial World Cup rambling.

Briefly Hibernating Fox

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